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Due to recent popularity, our stocks of trees have been declining leaving us with fewer and smaller trees.  As a result this year we will have some precut Noble Firs for sale to augment our trees stocks so that we can continue to provide you with the highest quality trees for this generation and the next. These precut trees are from another family tree farm and one of the most trusted sources in Oregon, and will be freshly cut and placed in water immediately upon their arrival.  As always you can choose and cut from the regular stock of trees at our farm or you can choose one of these precut trees. Either way we guarantee you will be getting a real, fresh and beautiful tree to bring into your home. There are still a small number available and we will remain open even when sold out of trees for wreath making, marshmallow roasting, picnicking and other activities.

PLEASE NOTE: This year due to the extreme drought we lost many of our trees (it takes 6-8 years to regrow a tree) and as a result our supply of trees is very limited. However, we will remain open, as we have for more than 50 years. So come join us, hunt for your tree, make beautiful wreaths, frolic among the firs and drink deep of the fresh coastal air.

Tree Care

Cutting a Tree
Unlike trees bought at a tree lot, all of our trees are coppiced or stump cultured. This means that by leaving a few bottom branches on the tree, you make it possible for another tree to grow from the same stump. This way the tree continues to live and flourish year after year. If you look at the base of most of our older trees, you can find many trees that have been cut from the same stump. So please leave bottom branches to keep the trees living. We supply the saws and are more than happy to help if assistance is needed.

Types of Trees
You will discover a nice variety of evergreen trees at Rancho Siempre Verde.
The five most common types are:


Douglas Fir
These trees have short, dark green needles and are the most traditional Christmas tree in the area. We have dense trees with little space between branches and un-sheared ones that are more open. They have a very fresh scent.

Monterey Pine
These trees have long bright green needles and tend to be very full with little space between the branches. They are very nicely shaped and have a wonderful evergreen fragrance.

These trees have a beautiful blue-green color and are naturally well shaped for Christmas trees. They also have a nice holiday scent. They last a long time and lose few of their needles.

Incense Cedar
These trees have a rich fragrant odor and a beautiful dark green color. Their flat broad needles have a softer feel than the Pine and Fir and are very hardy trees. Though somewhat less traditional than the Fir and Pine, people whom go home with them once come back year after year as devoted converts.

Arizona Cypress
These trees have a light green color and tend to vary in density and shape. They have a wonderful fragrance and are very hardy. They are a new favorite with many long-time customers.

Swift Silver
One of our newest trees this fir grows unusually well in our region. These trees have a light green blue color are naturally well shaped and have 1-2 inches needles that are spread evenly around the branches. They have a fragrant scent and are very hardy.

We also have a small number of Noble and Fraser Firs, as well as some Deodor Cedars.

Tree Care

Because all of our trees are fresh, they will last longer than precut ones bought on a lot. They will, however, stay even fresher if you re-cut the base and place it in water when you get home. If possible, keep the tree outside in an open but shaded area and spray it with a hose daily until you are ready to decorate it.

For more information on tree care, go to:

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