Most of our trees are 75 dollars, any size, any height, any type. This price includes all taxes, parking, the use of the saw, wrapping or bailing of the tree, twine and tying of the tree on top of your car by our able staff, complimentary fresh boughs, plus all the marshmallows you can eat. However, due to increased demand and the recent drought  (it takes 5-7 years to grow a new tree);our stocks of trees have decreased leaving us with fewer and smaller trees and as a result this year we will again have some Noble Firs for sale to augment our trees stocks so that we can continue to provide you with the highest quality trees for this generation and the next. The pre-cut Noble Fir, because they are slower growing and cost considerably more will be 95 dollars for trees between 6 and 9 feet.

Wreaths made by our staff are $25 when available. However, we encourage you to make your own wreath. Metal wreath rings may be purchased for $15. We provide a variety of fresh greens, clippers, pine cones, and tips from our resident wreath makers. You can bring your own materials if you want to add some dried flowers or special accents to your wreath. We have specially equipped tables that make wreath assembly easy. It's a fun family project and we encourage you to discover your own wreath-making talents.

There are no hidden costs here. All other activities are free: including parking, the hay bales, swings, tractor rides, marshmallows, fresh greens or boughs, baling, tying trees on your car.

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