In addition to cutting your own tree, we offer a whole range of things for the family to do. So come! Get out of the house, the city, the parking lots, the malls, and enjoy being outside this Christmas. We hope to see you here. Merry Christmas.

We have metal rings and 10 specially-equipped tables that make wreath assembly easy. We provide a variety of greens for your use, a metal ring, and some tips from our resident wreath makers. You're also welcome to complimentary boughs to decorate your home. However, we recommend that you come with some spare time, a few family members, and artistic inspiration and make a wreath - you'll be amazed at what you can create. (Some old-timers adorn their wreaths with pickings they bring from home, such as dried flowers, olive branches, bay leaves, etc.)

Swings are one of our specialties. There are big swings, small swings, tire swings, rope swings, double swings, triple swings, and more all over the farm. The biggest ones are at the top of the hill, but as you hunt for your tree, keep an eye out for hidden swings.
Warning: It may be difficult to get your children back in the car after they try one of these, so come with plenty of time to play.

Rain or shine, we always have a warm fire going so that you can toast marshmallows and share your stories while warming your toes. Marshmallows are provided (as many as you can eat), but you have to find your own stick.
Warning: We are not responsible for your children's energy level or sticky fingers after consumption.

Straw bales
We have a stack of straw bales overlooking the farm for kids to play on, in, under, and around. While the kids climb about, you can enjoy the view of the farm and ocean. It's a great way to burn off some of the excess sugar from the marshmallows and to take in the scene before getting back in the car.

Tractor rides
Tractor rides are readily available. We have an old wagon and experienced drivers who will take you around the farm as we help people collect their trees. Sometimes we just fill the wagon with kids (and parents) ready for a ride!

We even have two large xylophones on top of the hill. Their tuning leaves something to be desired, but they are fun to play and a talented musician can even pound out a few good Christmas tunes.

Picnic tables
For you to enjoy all of the above with a few breaks in between, we have built a number of picnic tables on the crest of the hill so that you can enjoy the view, enjoy your picnic lunch, and catch up with family and old and new friends.

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